What to see in Da Nang

Known as the most livable city in Vietnam, Da Nang is an attractive destination that you simply cannot afford to miss. Located on the west side of romantic Han River, owning beautiful My Khe Beach, backed by Ba Na Mountain, Da Nang is blessed to become the tourist capital of South Central Vietnam. If you are wondering what to see in Da Nang, 5 attractions following will be good suggestions for you.

1. Son Tra Peninsula

Located only 13 kilometers the center of Da Nang city, Son Tra Peninsula is a typical magnet of Vietnam tourism with fantastic, unspoiled natural scene, pure blue sea, white sand and mysterious pristine jungle which is home to a vast diversity of plants and animals. This is also an ideal destination for interesting activities such as swimming, surfing, snorkeling and so much more.

Danang Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula, one of the most highlighted attractions in Da Nang

If you have chance to visit Son Tra Peninsula, don’t forget to visit one of the villages built on the Monkey Mountain on which you can not only overlook beautiful beaches and jungles but also a fresh and invigorating atmosphere. Additionally, you can explore the historical site – Linh Ung Pagoda owning the Vietnam’s highest Quan Am statue, explore the forest path for monkeys or watching panoramic views forwarding to Danang, Son Tra Beach and lush green surrounding forest at Son Tra View Tower and Army Radar Station.

2. Ba Na Mountain Resort

Ba Na Mountain Resort is situated on the top of Ba Na Mountain, which is about 50 kilometers from the center of Da Nang city to the west. It is considered as “the Da Lat of Da Nang Province” because of its cool and airy weather around the year.


Ba Na Mountain Resort, the Da Lat of Da Nang Province

At the top, you can look over a huge scenery of Da Nang City, Vung Thung Bay, Hai Van Pass, Son Tra Peninsula, My Khe Beach, Marble Mountain and Thu Bon River, Cu Lao Cham Island. Contemplating them, you will be completely stunned by spectacular beauty which Da Nang is blessed by the Nature.

3. Marble Mountain

Marble Mountains is known as a pilgrimage spot with peaks, caves, tunnels and temples – all just waiting to be discover. This is complex of 5 limestone mountains named after 5 elements by an emperor of Vietnam’s past: Thuy Son (Water Mountain), Kim Son (Metal Mounatin), Moc Son (Wood Mountain), Hoa Son (Fire Mountain) and Tho Son (Earth Mountain).


Marble Mountain

Among them, the most visited Thuy Son is largest with three caves and a secret “road to heaven” – a steep, rocky climb through the cave to the mountain peak on which you can see amazing panoramic views. Besides, 4 smaller mountains also offer many natural caves, grottos, tunnels and Buddhist temples for tourists to explore.

4. My Khe Beach

Located near Da Nang city center, you can easily access to the beach by many different kinds of transport such as cab, bus or Xe om (motorbike taxi). With 9 kilometer stretching of seashore, the possession of white sand, full of sunshine, pure blue ocean and breathtaking mountain views, My Khe Beach becomes an attractive destination to relax and admire the natural beauty.


My Khe Beach, one of the most attractive beaches on the planet

This beach offers not only beautiful space and landscapes but also many interesting activities like fishing, water-skiing, scuba diving or yatch racing and so on.

5. Man Thai Fishing Village

Further along the coast towards Son Tra Peninsula, you will see Man Thai fishing village, which is an interesting feature of the modern Da Nang city. Despite the city’s modernization, fishermen still use tradition methods and rattan basket boats to catch fishes. Specially, fishing boats are remarkably simple in design with a frame of split bamboo embracing around and the hull woven bamboo lacquered to make it water-resistant.


Man Thai Village

Visiting the fishing village, you also have chance to enjoy fresh seafood which has just caught by fisherfolks. The locals are friendly and full of smiles. In the cool of the evening, the beach comes alive because locals make full use of the wonders of nature on their door steps. Additionally, swimming and lively beach games are also main activities in the fishing village.

With a lot of spectacular natural landscapes, Da Nang is becoming more and more popular for both foreign and domestic tourists. 5 attractions above will bring tourists a memorable travel to fully admire the charming natural beauty of Da Nang.


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