Van Phuc Silk Village – Famous silk village in Vietnam

Van Phuc Silk Village (also known as Ha Dong silk village) Van Phuc ward, Ha Dong district, Hanoi center more than 10 km, is located along the Nhue river. Van Phuc silk weaving village is very famous and oldest Vietnam. Although the process of urbanization is increasingly clear, but Van Phuc silk village retains the inherent characteristics of rural Vietnam: old banyan trees, water well and the fair way in the pitch meeting Dinh.


Van Phuc silk has had thousands of years ago, in the Nguyen Dynasty from King Khai Dinh King Bao Dai to Van Phuc silk are used to sew traditional clothes court.

1931 for the first time Van Phuc silk was introduced to the international fair of Marseille and the French considered the kind of sophisticated products of Indochina, 1958 Van Phuc silk exports to Eastern European countries and very favored and so far has gone through a lot of countries around the world.

In 2007, Ha Dong silk dress film directed by Luu Huynh’s debut, this film won the awards at several film festivals in Asia’s reputation

Not difficult to recognize the villages located on the bank of the Nhue River with a main gate with the inscription “The village of Van Phuc”, today it is building more spacious to welcome tourists to visit, however traditions of the Vietnamese countryside still be preserved as au red tile roof, shaped pavilion with two dragons flanking a moon, with phoenix flew up in the four corners bend pavilion.

Silk happiness diversity diversity, about 70 species, silk, brocade leader, many different names: ice clouds, flying dragon, Phoenix four, Guangxi, skating, sliding, pongee, cloud micro Chinese has four kinds: animal, really, and the formation of disaster. On the four animal image, explain, dragon, dragon and Phoenix, Long Yun, water dragon H Y Yun Feng, Feng in the closed book, closed letter, turtle, crane, Wufu, group of fish at the moon. Plants include: chrysanthemum, bamboo, plum, orchid, lemon flower, rose. Object: this book, money, basket, bar, lantern. Photograph: tri n the word Shou, disaster, 000, olives, square. All patterns of silk Edmond have a rich imagination, talented artists hand woven into unique product ideas, to show their elegant, rich taste.


Wire drawing

This is a small textile factory in the village if she left, visit the silk village Edmond, passengers should be introduced in the process of silk weaving, the village gate in appreciation.

In the process of exploration, silk weaving, passengers can easily choose from silk products exhibition area and sales of products.

An address of the most authoritative and most famous textile mill of tussah silk culture artist 10000 Wan Chun Mao, silk.

Hail or silk market, where you can enjoy the love of the product.

Foreign tourists to travel, also love this product. If the travel season, visitors to participate in traditional festivals, customs fire, the villagers understand the occupation habits of people. This is a chance to let friends know that the traditional features of international, more understanding of human, publicity pictures in Vietnam International school.

Silk is also used east country clothing cheongsam, evil Vietnam as a foil, gentle and beautiful, charming and elegant.

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