Top things to do in Hoian, Vietnam

Most travelers to Vietnam are attracted by the country’s wonderful natural beauty: from the green rice fields in the north to the fascinating bustle of the Mekong Delta in the south. One of the most popular destinations for tourists in Vietnam is Hoian, which is different from other cities as Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. It is a very peaceful and relaxing city makes you feel warmer when you come here. Below is list of top things to do in Hoian when you visiting Hoian.

Admire around the ancient town of Hoian

In Hoian, the best thing to do is walking around the empty street, watching the old house and deserted alleys. If visitors are not used to walking, you can rent a bicycle or motorbike to your trip become easier. Renting a bicycle or motorbike is also suitable for visitors who have sickness by taxi. However, renting a bicycle is a great way to see Hoian and easily take photographs. The most famous destinations in Hoian where you should visit including :  Tran Phu main streets, Japanese bridge, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, the Chinese restaurant, Phung Hung ancient house.


Walking around the ancient town of Hoian is the best thing to do in Hoian

Join a cooking class

Cooking classes are a tourist rite of passage in Vietnam and you can do one in any city. But, there is something about the soothing pace and slightly less commercial feel of Hoian, which makes it become a perfect spot to get out the chopping board and learn what on earth is actually in a bowl of pho.


Interesting experiences in a cooking class tour in Hoian

There are many different classes to offer. In that, some are done by private provider and others are offered through restaurants in town. You should ask your accommodation if they recommend a class, try out a few restaurants, or ask friends for suggestions. With some classes, you are allowed to choose your own menu, which includes generally 3-4 traditional dishes for around the price of a standard meal.

Cu Lao Cham discovery

An Island belongs to Tan Hiep commune, Hoi An city, drive to the Cua Dai beach about 18 kilometers towards to the East, about 30 minutes by speedboat. Cu Lao Cham is considered as an outstanding pearl with natural forests, beautiful beaches, coral reefs and many other valuable species.


Cu Lao Cham Island

It has beautiful coral reefs, so here they usually organize activities to dive for visitors. When diving up sea, you can see many kinds of colorful corals and other small creatures such as clown fish, moray eels, needle fish, pipefish, etc that are swimming before your eyes. Visitors can see more clearly the beauty of the coral reefs with very close distance. Everything seems to be appeared behind the canyon or cave under the ocean. You can learn more about life at the bottom of the ocean.

Explore the riverside

If you are wandering through the center of Hoian, you are likely to pass by the shore of the Thu Bon River. There are hundreds of market stalls lined up next to the water: jeweler, trinkets, clothes, seafood, etc. You will find everything there. You can buy some tamarinds to crack open and chew on, or buy some souvenirs for family members.


Thu Bon River

If you tire of the hustle and bustle, you can come into one of the cafes along the riverfront, sit down out of the heat and grab a drink, or order some Cao Lau – the delicious traditional noodle dish of Hoian. You should wait for the sunset and watch the streets light up with colorful lanterns.

Go shopping

Each trip will not mean, if visitors do not go shopping in destinations. Apart from you can use those things, in mental, they still are considered as souvenirs in destinations. Coming to Hoian, you also cannot ignore the favorite shopping items. Along to streets of the ancient town, you will see a variety of big and small fashion shops, jewelry stores, souvenir and stalls which sell house decorations would make you feel enjoy in the trip.


Shopping is a great experience in Hoian

Specially, coming to Hoian, most visitors are focused on tailors which line the streets in the center of town.  Going along to streets of the ancient town, visitors will see the famous tailors in Hoian, you can easily find some materials, silk, with favorite colors to choose. It will be a great idea if you choose silk as the material for sewing dresses. Here, if you do not know how to sew, the tailors will also guide you with the clothes that suit you and make you feel satisfied with their orders.

With many historical monuments, landscapes for you to explore, Hoian is a wonderful destination relax between bustling capital cities when traveling in Vietnam. There are so many things to do and experience in Hoian. However, if you do not have enough time or money, you just need to experience those best things to do in your Hoian trip. With those best things, you will have a perfect trip in Hoian.

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