Top attractions in Can Tho

Can Tho, the center of the Mekong Delta, is always an attractive tourist destination for tourists who travel to Vietnam. This destination is plenty of interesting attractions, bringing charming features of waterway area. Below are 5 must-visit destinations in Can tho that you should not miss chance to explore in your Vietnam tour.

Cai Rang floating market

For tourists who travel to Can Tho, Cai Rang floating market is one of must-visit attractions, which is one of the most famous and biggest floating markets in the Mekong Delta. Cai Rang floating market is located on Cai Rang River, about 6 kilometers from the city center by road, and about 30 minutes by boat from Ninh Kieu Pier. Every early morning, hundreds of boats full of seasonal vegetables and fruits like mangoes, durians, bananas, oranges, coconuts and so on gather together, making the area extremely animated and the water surface colorful with various tropical fruits. The large sized anchored boats create meandering lanes for smaller ones to weave through. All create a bustling and joyful atmosphere that can attract anyone.


Cai Rang floating market

The floating market not only sell agricultural products but also various types of goods such as: household and working tools including canoes, boat, roofing sheets, knives; fishing tools and waving products. Also the Cai Rang floating market sell many types of food such as: noodle soup, noodle with toasted meat, rice soup, Hu Tieu, coffee and so on. Specially, trading from boats brings an interesting experience to buyer when catching some samples of products which are thrown by sellers from other boats.

Tay Do night market

Tay Do night market is located in the campus of Eastern Cultural Park of Binh Thuy District, about 1 kilometers far from the center of Can Tho city to the west of Hau River. Tay Do market is not only the trading center of Southern provinces but also attractive entertainment and tourism destination. The market is well-known as featured destination for tourism which attracts not only local people but also tourists who live far from here.


Tay Do night market is plenty of colorful handicrafts

Visiting Tay Do night market, the tourists will feel the harmony in architecture and sensible in arrangement. All things always bear the southern style significantly. Tay Do night market is divided into many small departments which are clean and nice.  The pathways in Tay Do night market is more widen when they are asphalted. All bad things such as garbage and flies seems to be removed because the beauty of country soul presents at each tourist. Tay Do night market is described as small Mekong delta with the simple daily activities of southern people.

Bang Lang stork garden

Located 52 kilometers from the center of Can Tho City, Bang Lang Stork Garden in Binh Thoi Hamlet, Thot Not District is one of the Mekong Delta’s best stork sanctuaries. Bang Lang Stork Garden is surrounded by immense rice paddies as well as the interlacing canals of Can Tho. Visitor can join a cruise on Hau River, or cycling past the orchards, craft villages and green fields to access the garden. It is a vast area, flood with water under the shady trees. Inside, a watching tower of 3 meters allows visitors to look around the gardens and learn peaceful scenes of the Mekong Delta’s countryside, fiddled by the chord of storks.


Bang Lang stork garden

There are various species of storks living at Bang Lang Stork Garden including Cattle Egret, ibis, striated heron, painted stork, etc. Besides, there are other species which are not belong to species of storks making their home at Bang Lang Garden such as black-crowned night heron, little cormorant, greater coucal heron, and so on. The most crowded type of storks is the white cattle egret which takes up 80% the total storks in the garden. This specie of storks often builds their nests at the garden from March to August of lunar year.

Fruit gardens

Trees laden with fruit are grown throughout road and waterway line in Can Tho city. There are many fruit gardens for you such as Binh Thuy orchid garden, Phong Dien, Sau Duong, Phung Hiep and others. Coming to this area, you can appreciate special fruit at the very cheap price and see the very natural countryside with the simple life you cannot envision.


Fruit gardens is one of must-visit attractions in Can Tho

Visiting fruit gardens in Can Tho is a perfect chance for you to broaden your horizon and sink yourself in nature and leafy fruit garden.

Ba Bo Flower Village


Ba Bo Flower Village

Ba Bo Flower Village is considered to be one of the most interesting destination you cannot let the chance slip. In 2015, there was almost 250 households planting sorts of colorful flowers such as marigold, sunflower, rose and so on. With 20 hectares in area, you can enjoy and take some photos to keep sweet memories. Above all, you yourself can get away from your daily life routines and release your pressure.



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