Ta Phin Village in Sapa

Trekking is one of the most popular activities in all Sapa tours. A trekking tour around an ethnic village is an interesting experience to discover and learn unique culture, customs and the way of living of ethnic minority groups as well. Sapa is home to a lot of ethnic villages; among them, Ta Phin village is an ideal tourist spot for a trekking tour.


Ta Phin Village from high view

Ta Phin is located about 17 kilometers from Sapa center to the east. It takes approximately 30 minutes to reach Ta Phin Village from Sapa center by motorbike. Because the mountainous roads in Sapa can make some difficulties for cars to move, hiring a motorbike to ride by yourself or hiring a “Xe ôm” (taxi motorbike) is an ideal option for you to reach Ta Phin Village.

Visiting Ta Phin Village, you will have chance to admire breathtaking beauty of nature. A harmonious combination of mountains, forests and rice terraces makes a stunning giant landscape painting. The village is surrounded by majestic mountains and spectacular rice terraces. The best time to visit Ta Phin is the late afternoon when the sun slowly goes down and you can contemplate an amazing view of sunset over the village and the whole surrounding areas.


Ta Phin Village in ripen rice season

Not only natural beauty but the locals also create charm of Ta Phin Village. The village is home to a majority of Red Dao, some Balck H’mong and a handful of Kinh. This diversity of ethnic groups make Ta Phin village rich in culture, customs and daily lifestyle. On the way visiting village, you can easily catch sight of Red Dao women in beautiful and colorful traditional costume made from brocade gathering together and keeping inside their hands colorful threads and cloths. The village is famous for brocade products which are colorful and have various designs, such as backpacks, travel bags, scarves, handbags, purses and coats. All products are made by skillful hands of Red Dao and Black H’mong. The motifs on brocades are carefully and exquisitely decorated with various images of plants, birds, flowers, trees which always cause curiosity and special attraction for tourists. In your visit, you should buy some brocade products as precious gifts for your friends and relatives when you come back your country.

SAPA, VIETNAM - JULY 8: Red Dzao family in Ta Phin Village on July 8, 2009 in Sapa, Vietnam. Red Dzao are famous for their elaborate dress and normally tie up their long hair into a large red turban.

Red Dao people in Ta Phin Village

Going along the narrow but fabulous paths leads Ta Phin Cave, a famous attraction should not be missed in Ta Phin Village. It has a height of 5 meters and a width of 3 meters with many stalactites with special and strange shapes, which are hanging down without any arrangement. The cave brings a special charm for those who love discovering and immersing yourself in nature.

Walking around Ta Phin, you should have a rest and try using herb-bathing service, a unique feature in daily activities of Red Dao. From ancient times, Red Dao people often collect leaves from different medical plants in forests, put them in the boiling water, and bathe with this water. Each herbal remedy includes over 10 kinds of herbs, even if sometimes this number reaches at 120. Herb-bathing brings tourists the refresh and relaxed feeling and can treat some diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis pain, muscle fatigue, sciatica, skin diseases, jaundice and so on.


Brocade products in Ta Phin Village

Trekking Ta Phin Village brings many interesting experiences for tourists. A trekking tour around ethnic villages in Sapa will give you many great chances to discover and learn unique culture, customs as well as daily way of living of ethnic minority groups in Sapa and the northwest region as well.

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