Sao Beach, a gem of Phu Quoc Island

Vietnam is a fantastic country with various stunning landscapes from magnificent mountain peaks in the north to its fertile network of flood plains in the south’s Mekong Delta. Also the charming country has dozens of pristine beaches with long sandy banks and small fishing villages or historical sites to explore, making strong attractions to tourists. Among them, Sao Beach of Phu Quoc Island is an ideal destination to relax, admire and explore the pristine beauty of beach in the summer.

Sao Beach is located on the southeast side of Phu Quoc Island and is considered as one of the best beaches in Vietnam. The beach is famous for its white, powdery and silky sand, which stretches about 7 kilometers. In the northern part of the beach, you can find the whitest and cleanest sand heaven; and far south, the sand becomes coarser with a yellowish color.


Sao Beach is well-known for its white, powdery and silky sand

Sao Beach is particularly popular among families, because the water surrounding the beach is calm, warm and with a distinctive turquoise blue color. The sand leading into the water does not have rocks and sudden drop. Furthermore, the ocean is relatively shallow so that it is safe for kids and non-swimmers. The best time to take the perfect beach picture is in the morning when tide is so low that you can see sand ripples resembling a sand bar.


The water surrounding Sao Beach is calm, warm

During your holiday in Sao Beach, you can find variety of the wildlife such as small fish, needle nose fish, shell fish and even small squid. At the north and south end of the beach you can also see corals in some areas which create good spot to snorkel. Specially, if you visit Sao Beach in September and October, you can collect many starfish and even a few sea urchins near the shore.


Distinctive turquoise blue color of the water

One of the most wonderful things to see during your holiday in Sao Beach is to see the beach itself. You can walk up and down the beach along with your friends and look for crabs, nails and so on. Also you can enter and explore the jungle through some small trails in the far northern and southern part of Sao Beach. Besides, snorkeling is also an interesting activity in Sao Beach for tourists who want to discover under sea. Thanks to this activity, you can have many opportunities to see black sea cucumbers, sea urchins, starfish, various gastropods, small bluefish and much more.


A lot of resorts in front of the beach

In addition to white powdery sand, turquoise blue water and beautiful landscapes, Sao Beach also offers a lot of beach front resorts, bars, water sport activities, powerboats, kayak, kite suffers and wind suffers, fishing boats and so on. Therefore, you and your family can truly enjoy Sao Beach during your visit to Vietnam.

With remarkable natural beauty and wild idyllic scenery, Sao Beach in Phu Quoc Island is a fantastic destination to relax and explore natural beauty in Vietnam. Sao Beach offers a peaceful and comfortable space for you along with your family during your trip. After your holiday in Sao Beach, surely, you will have opportunity to explore and understand more about Vietnam’s a pristine and peaceful beauty and want to return Vietnam in your next trips.


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