Should-not-miss museums in Vietnam

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is always the first destination of tourists when traveling in Vietnam. This beautiful capital city is full of attractive attractions, not only breathtaking landscapes but also works of art, culture and history. Among them, museums in Hanoi offer visitors great chances to learn and have an insight into Vietnamese culture, tradition and history. Below are three museums you should not miss in your Hanoi tour.

Vietnam Museum of Ethology

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is a huge collection of 54 different ethnic groups of Vietnam, with full of information detailing traditional Vietnamese ways of life, from religious events to symbolic rituals, providing a rich tapestry of the culture melting pot existing in Vietnam.


Stilt house at Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

The museum has over 15000 artefacts including photographs and other multi-media such as audiotapes. The indoor exhibition space can be viewed via virtual tour includes the King, Dao, H’mong, Tay, Nung, Thai, Nam, Cham, Tho, Chut and Khmer ethnic groups. The outdoor display area exhibits a variety of Vietnamese homes like full-scale replicas, with great attention paid to the varying architectural styles set within peaceful and tranquil garden. Visiting the museum, visitors also have chance to see a wide range of interesting items such as clothes, jewelry and items relating to weddings, funeral ceremonies and other spiritual rituals of 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam, offering an insight into their history, customs, and cultural identity.

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology8

A corner of indoor exhibition space

How to get:

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is located in Cau Giay District. To reach in the museum, you can catch the bus no.14 from Dinh Tien Hoang Street, heading north past Hoan Kiem Lake to Nghia Tan a few blocks from the museum.

Vietnam Women’s Museum

Vietnam Women’s Museum displays Vietnam’s cultural diversity and women’s significant contribution to the nation’s development, culture and society. It is also the center providing cultural and historical knowledge about Vietnamese women’s lives across 54 ethnic minority groups of Vietnam.


Traditional women’s clothing in Vietnam Women’s Museum

The museum has three main galleries including Women in History, Women in Family and Women’s Fashion. In addition to main exhibitions the museum also has temporary exhibitions relating to contemporary social issues that women as well as the whole community have to face. Vietnam Women’s Museum offers visitors a great chance to learn and understand traditional culture, marriage customs, childbirth and family life, traditional women’s clothing and the role of women in the defense of the nation. Additionally, visitors can buy some traditional food and traditional handicrafts as souvenirs for your family and friends at the museum’s specialty stores and café.

How to get:

Vietnam Women’s Museum is located at 36 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hanoi, just only 1.2 kilometers from Hoan Kiem Lake. So you can easily reach in the museum by taking a “xe ôm” or taxi from the Kiem Lake.

Vietnam History Museum

The museum offers a great overview of Vietnamese history via chronological sequence. In the museum, Vietnamese history is divided into 10 periods, from prehistoric era to the day when President Ho Chi Minh read out the Declaration of Independence, giving birth to Vietnam. Vietnam History Museum still remains about 7000 precious objects which represent the cultural diversity of Vietnam; some of them aged thousand years old. Historical objects displayed in the museum are not only Vietnamese origin but also include other culture such as China, Thailand, Japan and especially Cham with more than 50 stones engraved back to the 7th-13th century.


Vietnam History Museum

Visiting Vietnam History Museum, tourists have to make full use of imagination as well as sensitivity to understand artifacts and relics exhibited in the museum and then you will have chance to learn, understand and have an insight into Vietnamese history.

How to get:

Vietnam History Museum is located right on the back of Hanoi Opera House, No.1 Pham Ngu Lao Street, Hoan Kiem District. So it is so easy for tourists to find the museum and take a short walk from Hoan Kiem Lake.





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