Ngoc Vung island – beautiful island in Halong bay

Quang Ninh tourism comes to people we think of Ha Long and Bai Chay, Van Don … However, Quang Ninh also has an island that few people know about it Ngoc Vung Island.

About Ngoc Vung island

Island Ngoc Vung district of Van Don, Quang Ninh, about 45 square kilometers wide. The reason for this name because the island legend, this ancient region have many species of rare pearl, night glow whole airspace. Today, pearl farming here thrive. In addition, the island has a lot of fresh water so people can grow rice. Seafood such as crab, shrimp, fish, squid are offshore cage farming could help the island self-sufficient.

Coming to Ngoc Vung


Commune Ngoc Vung district of Van Don, is a land steeped in history, it retains many vestiges of Van Don trading port neck, a neck the Mac … Naturally, Ngoc Vung Full weak terrain features such as rivers, beaches, inlet, harbor, plain … The island has numerous freshwater and people can grow rice. Island only about 1,000 inhabitants. Landscape and peaceful life here that many guests for this as a beautiful village situated between sea.

While the neighboring islands such as Coto, Quan Lan has tourism development for several years, Ngoc Vung name remains obscure. Sparsely populated island, the small town and not much should stay home island matching adventurous young people, like camping than households for convalescence. Pristine islands with unique path that runs along the coast, is the only means the blue bus.

The beauty of Ngoc Vung

Sea stretching nearly 3 km, unspoiled and uncrowded as the most attractive of the island. Blue water sea, sand beaches smooth, soft feet and the waves slapping constantly making these young people come to the island are excited, can not wait to be rushed into the sea. The bare feet on the sand clean, gentle, going away waves still only chest height. Beach curved like a piece of crescent with a whispering casuarinas. If you are tired with the waves, take a stroll walked on soft sand, picking up countless lovely snail waves hit the shore and built bucket castle charming buildings.

To visit a small island with the simple house, there is nothing more enjoyable is a cycling trip. Do not hesitate to step into a certain house and asked to borrow or rent a bicycle was leaning inside fence, enthusiastic people willing to lend you. Jaunt wandering on a small road close to the sea. You can rush down any maritime segment, pleasure on the beach waving uninhabited area.

Natural landscape on Ngoc Vung Island


The rice fields just reap also fragrant straw, jackfruit trees have fragrant fruit on the tree, every label swinging the young fruit Xiu Xiu, children waving to strangers through alleys and laneways turn twist through the village, flooding dog eyes half closed in a dreamy nap. You can put people eat dinner at affordable prices. Dinner with soup simply cook Galaxy guise leaves, banana fish plate has been sentence, but delicious sauteed spinach.

Quang Ninh tourism experience Ngoc Vung Island

From the center of the island, visitors can tour the historic sites: Uncle Ho Park on the island souvenirs, watching from the hill high above the island of 12.7 fireworks glasses, Flagstaff … Interesting most, perhaps by lambrettas sightseeing or cycling between towering shady trees, to visit the coastal casuarina forests, beaches, Truong Chinh, rock bottom beach Fortress.

Ngoc Vung island night on quiet, no modern audiovisual equipment, no internet. Only the moon, and the sound of ocean waves merrily OAP ì frogs. Occasionally encounter the fireflies flashing eyes make space more fanciful. The days on the island of peace and simplicity. Van Don from 7am daily to have ships off the island or from terminals Cam Pha to 1pm.

Resting on the island

To Ngoc Vung visitors can stay at home in the form Homestay population, there is also an interesting option. Islanders honest, friendly. If you want to tour the island by bicycle you do not hesitate to ask a bicycle or motorcycle, they are willing to loan you just take the money to refuel. It is interesting to visit the tranquil fishing village along the coast, around the streets, the small houses. Join seafaring fishing, trawling and enjoy dishes made own way local fishermen are also charms with visiting this beautiful island.

Quang Ninh tourism experience Ngoc Vung Island

Fresh sea scenery, white sand and a peaceful atmosphere are characteristics of Ngoc Vung island commune. To find a holiday in peaceful atmosphere of the countryside and enjoy a taste of the sea, the new year travel Ngoc Vung Island is an interesting option for tourists in this summer.

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