Lao Chai Village in Sapa

From Sapa center, driving along Cau May Street, and then turning into Muong Hoa City, you can reach Lao Chai Village and begin the journey to leave bustling and crowed street of Sapa to experience a simple and peaceful life and discover unique culture of ethnic group living here. A trekking tour around Lao Chai Village will be an ideal option for you.


A trekking tour is the best way to explore Lao Chai Village

Lao Chai Village is located just 7 kilometers from the Sapa center to the southeast. It is on the west bank of Muong Hoa Stream with Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range and majestic Ham Rong Mountain on both its sides and surrounded by large rice terraces. It is likely that these huge rice terraces connects Lao Chai Village to the mountains to soak up the clouds in the sky. A harmonious combination of mountains, forests, rice terraces and clouds makes breathtaking giant landscape painting with curving lines created by Mother Nature. The best time to visit Lao Chai is between September and next April when the whole of village is surrounded by a yellow color of ripen rice fields. Let’s image that you are tracing along with narrow but fabulous paths surrounded by a yellow sea of ripen rice, admiring the great panorama of the whole village looming in high mountains along with the most beautiful river – this will be an unforgettable experience in your lifetime.


Beautiful surrounding view in Lao Chai Village

Without electricity columns and paved roads, Lao Chai Village is really a true meaning of life of ethnic minorities, in which local people still keep traditional culture and living style until now. Lao Chai is home to more than 100 Black H’mong families who always welcome you with the best hospitality and warmness. It will be very interesting when you mix with groups of H’mong people on their ways to village or to the terraces for work or even chat with locals to learn about their daily work and life. In your trekking tour, you also have chance to experience handicraft manufacturing activities such as brocade weaving, traditional dyeing and then buy some handicrafts like brocade scarves, embroidering cushion as precious souvenirs for your friends.


Children come back their home from rice fields in the afternoon

The experience of cultural identity in Lao Chai Village will not perfect if you don’t spend a night staying overnight in a local house. It offers you a great opportunity to enjoy unique local dishes; specially, in a cool night of the mountainous region, enjoying a hot bowl of “Thắng cố” and sipping some cups of Corn wine while sitting by cooking fire will be the most wonderful experience here. At night, when the whole village is in deep sleep, in the quiet space, you can listen to lively sounds of insect or  murmurous flowing water of Muong Hoa Valley from afar. Wool mattress, blanket, mosquito nets and pillows are well prepared so that you can have a good night until the morning.

Giang Ta Chai village

Children in Lao Chai Village

There are some notes in your trekking tour in Lao Chai Village:

– You should bring along with some candies or small cakes to give ethnic children here, but absolutely not give them money which is not good for their awareness and thought. Or you can give them some used comics, newspapers and  magazines as precious gifts to encourage them on studying.

– When you come here, there are a lot of local children following and persuade you to buy some handicrafts. If you don’t intend to buy, you should reject definitively because they can follow you during time you visit here.

– Local people are very friendly and hospitable, so you can chat with them to have an insight into their culture and customs as well as their daily life. Almost locals are very good at speaking English.



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