Floating markets, should-not-miss beauty in Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is always one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam. A Mekong Delta tour offers tourists many great experiences to explore rustic and peaceful beauty, enjoy diverse cuisine and learn about unique lifestyle of locals. Among famous spots in Mekong Delta, floating markets belong to the highlights of this land. Visiting these floating markets, visitors have great chance to get closer to daily life of local people as well as have insight into local cuisine and culture in this rustic land.

Typical floating markets in the region


Cai Rang is the most popular floating market in Mekong Delta

1. Cai Rang floating market

Cai Rang is one of the famous floating markets of the Southwest, specialized in selling fruits and agricultural products of the whole region. It is located only a few kilometers from the city center of Can Tho. From Cai Rang Bridge, the market stretches about half kilometer downstream Can Tho river.

2. Phong Dien floating market

Not far from Cai Rang floating market, Phong Dien floating market is located about 20 kilometers southwest of Can Tho. Being the most intimate and best floating market in Mekong Delta, it has fewer motorized craft and more stand-up rowing boat; and is less crowded than Cai Rang floating market. Phong Dien floating market is at its bustling best between 6 am and 8 am.

3. Cai Be floating market

Cai Be floating market is located on the northern side of My Thuan Bridge, the gate into Vinh Long province as well as Mekong Delta. It is opened from 5 am to 5 pm, but the best time to explore the market is in the early morning. A special thing which you cannot find at other floating markets is the big Catholic cathedral on the riverside – a popular and amazing backdrop for taking photographs.

4. Phung Hiep floating market

Together with Cai Rang and Cai Be floating market, Phung Hiep is one of three biggest floating markets in Mekong Delta. It is located at the junction of three rivers, where Can Tho River separates from Hau River. The market is about 17 kilometers from Can Tho City to the southeast. Phung Hiep market opens all day long, but most noisy and busy in the early morning.

Colorful and bustling markets

The precious evening, from far-and-wide, boats full of seasonal vegetables and fruits like mangoes, durians, bananas, oranges, coconuts and so much more left their villages to head for the sunrise market. Until the early morning, hundreds of boats gathering together makes the area extremely animated and the water surface colorful with various tropical fruits. The large sized anchored boats create meandering lanes for smaller ones to weave through. All create a bustling and joyful atmosphere that can attract anyone.


Colorful floating markets

Floating markets not only sell agricultural products but also various types of goods such as: household and working tools including canoes, boat, roofing sheets, knives; fishing tools and waving products. Also the markets sell many types of food such as: noodle soup, noodle with toasted meat, rice soup, Hu Tieu, coffee and so on. Specially, trading from boats brings an interesting experience to buyer when catching some samples of products which are thrown by sellers from other boats.


Buyer catches products which are thrown by seller

Unique advertising tool

In these bustling floating markets, the cries of the sellers seem to be swallowed in the vastness of the river and disappeared into the noise of boat engines. This thing creates one of the unique features of boats in floating markets in Mekong Delta, which is the bamboo pole plugged in front of the boat. Sellers hang many samples of goods on this pole so that they do not have to cry out what they are selling but buyers still can see from a distance the goods sold on that boat. Just look up and buyers can know exactly which boat selling the products they are looking for.


Many products are hung on bamboo poles plugged in front of boat


The best time to catch liveliest scenery and witness the most animated atmosphere of floating markets in Mekong Delta is usually 6 am to 8 am. To have a perfect trip, you should charter a motorized of non-motorized boat to begin morning shopping in floating market. Enjoying some local foods for your breakfast on your boat will be an ideal option.

Besides, after exploring interesting things in floating markets, tourists can join a tour of Mekong Delta. This boat trip offers tourists many chances to go through lush canals, visit colorful orchards and explore many attractive tourist spots in the region.

In a Mekong Delta travel, floating markets seem to be indispensable sights. When visiting floating markets in Mekong Delta, you will have chance to not only explore rustic but bustling beauty but also feel the real life of local people in Mekong Delta.



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