Escape from noisy city to visit peaceful craft villages in outskirts of Hanoi capital

Not far away from the center of Hanoi capital, a tour to visit Bat Trang Ceramic Village and Van Phuc Silk Village will an interesting short excursion. Tourists will have chance to immerse in traditional local culture in two among the city’s few remaining traditional handicraft villages. Visiting and experiencing way of making pottery as well as choosing some unique souvenirs for your beloved, all bring tourists memorable experiences in Hanoi.

1. Bat Trang Ceramic Village

Located just approximately 13 kilometers from Hanoi Old Quarter, Bat Trang Ceramic Village is an ideal destination for tourists to learn about traditional craft villages in Vietnam. Luckily located in an area rich in clay suitable for making fine ceramic, Bat Trang Village is considered one of places producing the best known porcelain products in Vietnam.


Learn how to make a porcelain product in Bat Trang Village

A half-day excursion from the center of Hanoi offers visitors a great chance to get away hustle and bustle of cities and look for peace and tranquility in an ancient atmosphere of Bat Trang Village. Coming here, tourists will visit houses making ceramic to learn about history of the craft village as well as interesting stories of this traditional job. More interestingly, you can try your hand at throwing a pot or painting your own mug or Disney figurine and buy some souvenirs when you leave. The best spot to get hand on is Lo Bau, the only place in the village that still has a traditional kiln. It’s not in operation but is impressive to see; you can walk inside one of the kilns imagining how hellishly hot it would be if the fires were burning.


A corner of Bat Trang Ceramic Village

In addition, you can visit a temple and an old village house in the village – look out for signs to the former just past Lo Bai and the temple is on the left on the main road. Food and refreshment are available at Lo Bau and at various streetfood joints and drink stalls around town.

How to get:

You can easily reach in Bat Trang Village by bus, motorbike, bicycle or taxi. There is bus No.47 running directly from Long Bien bus station to Bat Trang Village and cost 15 000VND. Alternatively if you want to take a taxi, the price is around 150 000 to 200 000VND from Hanoi Old Quarter.

2. Van Phuc Silk Village

Located about 10 kilometers from Hanoi Old Quarter to the southwest, Van Phuc Silk Village is famous for its traditional weaving and premium quality silk products. This 1200 year-old handicraft village is proud of being the most ancient village which provides the best silk in Vietnam.


Van Phuc Silk Village

Visiting Van Phuc Silk Village, visitors will be enchanted by with the glisten of various silk products like shirts, ties, crafts, dresses, etc. Van Phuc silk is smooth, light weight and elegant. Especially, a traditional kind of silk called Van Silk makes wearers feel cool in summer and warm in winter. Walking around the village, visitors will be impressed by typical manner of an ancient village. In northern Vietnam with banyan tree, well, communal house and the sound power-looms everywhere. You also see various colorful shops on the main road of the village with eye-catching and high-quality silk products. Before you leave the village, you can buy some lovely souvenirs and clothes or select your favorite silk fabric and get tailor-made clothing.


Van Phuc Silk is smooth, light weight and elegant

How to get:

To reach Van Phuc Silk Village, you can take a taxi, “xe ôm” or catch the local bus 01, 21 and then walk 500 meters to reach the village. However, the best way to visit Van Phuc Village is find travel agency. They will provide you a tour combined of Van Phuc Silk Village and Bat Trang Ceramic Village and every costs like transport, meals are included in your tour.


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