Dong Xuan Market, a must-visit place in Hanoi Old Quarter

A visit to Hanoi Old Quarter is considered the best way to explore and experience local lifestyle of Hanoian as well as Vietnamese people in general. Among amazing attractions in Hanoi Old Quarter, Dong Xuan Market is a must-visit  place for tourists to have interesting experiences and shop for best souvenirs for your family and friends.


Dong Xuan Market

Located in the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter, Dong Xuan Market is housed within a four-storey Soviet-style building, surround by Dong Xuan Street, Hang Khoai Street and Cau Dong Street. Built in 1889 on the site of one of Hanoi’s lake, Dong Xuan is the oldest and largest market in Hanoi. Approximately fifty businesses are operating the forty stands selling food, artifacts, souvenirs and tour packages among others. Similar to other markets in Southeast Asia, Dong Xuan Market has a bustling wet market section on the ground floor, where local people shop for seafood, meat and vegetables while the back section sell an array of pets like cats, dogs and fish and fresh flowers from all across Vietnam. Besides, it is also an ideal place in Hanoi for tourists to shop for souvenirs. Heading to the upper level, you can find numerous stalls selling clothing, fabrics, school uniforms, handbags, handicrafts, all of which are sold at wholesale prices.


A stall selling a variety of items

Dong Xuan Market also has a massive dining area with a lot of food vendors selling Vietnamese coffee and exotic local dishes with the prices just from 15 000VND. You might have your curiosity and appetite titillated as you try to choose from a wide selection of exotic Hanoi dishes such as: fried frog or fish meat pastes, rice and duck meat soup, fried rice, tiet canh (duck blood uncooked, only if you have a brave heart and strong stomach), rice vermicelli and beef cooked in the south Vietnamese style and even just beefsteak and bread. Additionally, visitors can find traditional Dong Ho drawings, Bat Trang ceramics, Binh Da embroideries and laces, and sand paintings, the new craze of Hanoi’s young people.


Enjoying local dishes is an interesting experience in Dong Xuan Market

With the advantage of having a long history of culture, tradition and being located in the community of Hanoi Old Quarter, Dong Xuan Market is one of attractive tourist destinations in Hanoi. If you are looking to experience the local lifestyle or even end up leaving with a pair of cheap sunglasses and a Vietnamese conical hat, Dong Xuan Market will be an ideal attraction for you.

How to get there:

Dong Xuan Market is located at the west end of Hanoi Old Quarter. It is very easy to take a short walk to reach in the market. From the the north bank of Hoan Kiem Lake, take Hang Dao Street. Along the way, it changes name to Hang Ngang Steet and then Hang Duong Street. Eventually it becomes Dong Xuan Street. You will see Dong Xuan Market on the right side of the road. The distance is about 400 meters.

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