Experience special dinners in Halong Bay

Coming to Halong Bay, tourists have great chances to experience a full of interesting activities such as kayaking, diving, swimming, visiting caves and so on. With abundant scenic beauty, archeological and geological significance and cultural and historical connections, Halong Bay offers tourists many wonderful experiences to admire and explore its stunning beauty. If you want to find some more special things for your Halong Bay tour, you should try a dinner in special ways: having a dinner in Halong Bay.

Dinner in a cave

Having dinner in a cave is one of the most special experiences  in a Halong Bay tour. Instead of dining on board, you will enjoy the special dinner in a romantic space of a cave. It can be arranged for a big group who held a conference, wedding anniversary or birthday party (20 – 60 people), a small group of friends or family who find for their own space, or a couple spending their honeymoon. This activity is quite special and worth paying extra.


Warm and romantic space of a dinner in Halong Bay’s cave

After a full day with kayaking, visiting uncountable caves, tranquil floating fishing villages and many other interesting activities, enjoying a dinner in a cave will be a perfect choice in your Halong Bay tour. Arriving in front of the cave, the candles and lights lead you to tables  on which the food is well- decorated and ready to be served. Instead of having dinner on board as usual, you have a special chance to enjoy admirable Vietnamese cuisine and be immersed in romantic and warm atmosphere with candle lights, various shapes of rocks which stimulate your creativity and imagination such as lotus flowers, elephants and so on.

Dinner on pristine beach

A romantic dinner on a pristine beach of Halong Bay is always an ideal option for you to celebrate a special anniversary such as honeymoon, wedding anniversary and so on. This dinner will bring a romance and warmth with delicious food, wine, fresh flowers and candles. On a beautiful quiet beach, you have chance to enjoy Halong Bay’s stunning scenes at sunset or at night and chat with your family while enjoying your dinner.

Dinner on a romantic beach

Dinner on a romantic beach of Halong Bay

Dinner on sundeck

Other good choice to personalize your cruise is having a dinner on the sundeck. Dining on board is normally inside restaurant. A dinner on the sundeck can be a party for a company retreat or a special surprise. While enjoying the delicious food prepared for you, you will see the panoramic view of Halong Bay. Its limestone karts as backdrop. View from the sundeck is breath-taking and constantly changes. Dining on the sundeck offers ideal space to share special moments and take great pictures of Halong Bay.

A dinner on sundeck - dinner in halong bay

A dinner on sundeck offers great chances to admire panoramic views of Halong Bay

Dinner on Floating Platform

The most exciting things in your Halong Bay tour is having a dinner on a floating platform on Halong Bay. Operators only use platforms made of those materials that comply with the regulations of the authorities. You will experience Halong Bay in true style dinner on a floating platform with decoration upon on your request. The constant-changing panoramic view and so on make a romantic and wonderful  dinner on a floating platform in Halong Bay.

dinner on a floating platform

 Having a dinner on a floating platform is one of the most amazing experiences in Halong Bay

All special dinners in Halong Bay offer romantic and wonderful spaces to enjoy admirable cuisine. If you are planning to travel Halong Bay, don’t forget try these dinners in your tour. Surely, they will be one of the most memorable dinners in your lifetime.

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