Best things to do in Hoian

Hoian is located in the lower section of Thu Bon River, Quang Nam Province, about 30 kilometers from Da Nang to the south. This small town is attractive a lot of tourists travelling Vietnam by its ancient beauty with centuries-old Buddhist pagodas and temples, colonial shophouses, quaint museums and romantic, charming scenery of Thu Bon River. There is a plenty of awesome things to do in Hoian, which make Hoian become an ideal destination to visit in Vietnam.

1. Walk around Hoian Ancient Town

Mixing together with Vietnamese design, Chinese and Japanese accents melt and create a perfect-picture Hoian of the late 19th century. The best way to admire the ancient beauty of Hoian is to go for a stroll. With some hours of walking around the ancient town, you can explore every small corners of Hoian and enjoy the town’s charming and ancient beauty in your way.


A small corner of Hoian Ancient Town

The beauty of Hoian derives from the smallest things such as quaint houses, narrow streets full of colorful lanterns, riverside scenery at sunset or friendly and hospitable vendors. All these things create a Hoian tranquil and charming in the eyes of tourists.

2. Hoian food tour

A trip to Hoian would be incomplete without enjoying street food in this town. Like many different destinations in Vietnam, street food in Hoian is very diverse, mouth-wateringly delicious and reasonable. However, you should not miss chance to enjoy white rose dumplings and Cao Lau, which are fat noodles served with pork and mint. Or enjoying the Banh mi Queen, which is filled with pork, salad, egg, and a number of mystery fillings at Madam Khanh is also a good choice in a Hoian food tour.


Street food in Hoian

Additionally, you can participate in cooking classes which you can easily find around the town. This is a good experience for you to learn how to cook traditional dishes of Vietnam in general and Hoian in particular.

3. Tailor some clothes, bags and shoes

One of Hoian’s biggest tourist attractions is the tailors that line the streets in the center of town. Hoian is home of more than 400 tailoring shops and thousands of tailors who are talented at making not only clothes but also shoes and handbags. The prices are very reasonable, depending on the quality you are after and detail required. Specially, almost tailors in Hoian offer free fittings and adjustments until customers satisfy.


Street lined with tailoring shops is one of the Hoian’s biggest tourist attractions

If you want to get clothing made, you should try a few different shops and get quotes before deciding which shop you choose. Don’t forget to haggle to have the cheapest prices and ask how quick their turnaround is (most are around 24-48 hours).

4. Visit the Lantern Market at night

When the sun goes down, the Ancient Town in Hoian turns into a mystical beauty with rows of lights and lanterns. Hoian is a big center for paper lantern manufacturers and merchants, so you can catch lanterns anywhere in Hoian, outside houses, shops and establishments. However, the real sight is the lantern market. In this market, you can have chance to witness a colorful atmosphere with lanterns and lights, which is so beautiful that you will want to take a lot of photographs to capture these moments.


Lantern Market in Hoian

After a stroll through the market, you can take part in an outdoor traditional theater with Vietnamese folk dancers musicians performs traditional pieces. Performances run from 9pm to 10pm at a square on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street and are completely free and open to the public. Before coming back your hotel for a rest, you should light a candle box and set it in the water. There are many kids sitting along the banks of the channel and offering candles to you. Don’t forget to make a wish!

5. Explore riverside scenery

Riverside scenery of Thu Bon River is one of the most beautiful and romantic views in Hoian. Hundreds of market stalls line up next to the water with everything from jewellery, trinkets, clothes to seafood – you just need to name it, you will find it there.

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Beautiful riverside view in Hoian

The wonderful way to feel the beauty here is to sit down at a riverside café, grab a drink or order some Cao lau. Enjoy your drink slowly and wait for the sun to go down! At this time, the whole atmosphere is dyed by a yellow-orange color and the streets light up with colorful lantern.

Hoian is really a great destination to relax between bustling capital cities. With a lot of interesting experiences to try, you can fully explore and admire the charming beauty of Hoian in not only its ancient appearance but also diverse, unique cuisine and friendly, hospitable locals.




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