5 things to do in Da Nang

Talking about Vietnam travel, it will be big shortcoming if we do not talk about Da Nang, one of the most wonderful destinations in Vietnam. There is a full of things to do in this charming city: pristine beaches, fascinating culture, archaeological wonders and after all this is the capital of the Champa Kingdom.

1. Relax on the pristine beaches of Da Nang

Spending your time on pristine beaches is one of the most wonderful things in your trip to Da Nang. Clear blue sky, white sand beach, breathtaking sunset and a tranquil atmosphere – all create an ideal heaven for tourists to relax after long working days.


Da Nang is famous for pristine beaches with white, smooth sand and clean, blue water

One of the most popular beaches in Da Nang is My Khe Beach (or Non Nuoc Beach) and China Beach. Besides their spectacular views, these beaches also offer many interesting things to do such as swimming, fishing, wave surfing, diving and so on.

2. Explore the Museum of Cham Sculpture

Known as the capital of the Cham Kingdom, you should not miss chance to visit Museum of Cham Sculpture when travelling to Da Nang. The museum is the largest collection of Cham sculpture and artwork in the world, housed in buildings marrying French-colonial architecture with Cham elements. Museum of Cham Sculpture displays almost 300 terracotta and stone works of art ranging from the 7th to the 15th centuries. Additionally, tourists also can see how Champa art evolved, with its images of dancing girls, worshippers and mythical beasts.


Museum of Cham Sculpture, the world’s largest collection of Cham sculpture

3. Tackle the mighty Marble Mountains (or Ngu Hanh Son)

Marble Mountains is known as pilgrimage place with peaks, caves, tunnels and temples – all just waiting to be discover. This is complex of 5 limestone mountains named after 5 elements by an emperor of Vietnam’s past: Thuy Son (Water Mountain), Kim Son (Metal Mounatin), Moc Son (Wood Mountain), Hoa Son (Fire Mountain) and Tho Son (Earth Mountain).


The mighty Marble Mountain

Among them, the most visited Thuy Son is largest with three caves and a secret “road to heaven” – a steep, rocky climb through the cave to the mountain peak on which you can see spectacular panoramic views. Besides, 4 little sister mountains also offer many natural caves, grottos, tunnels and Buddhist temples for tourists to explore.

4. Conquer Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass is considered as the longest, highest and most scenic mountain pass road in Vietnam. This 21 kilometer mountain pass between Da Nang and Hue also offers some of the Vietnam’s most incredible ocean views.


Conquering Hai Van Pass is an amazing thing to do in Da Nang

For tourists who want to explore and challenge the nature, conquering Hai Van Pass with a motorbike should be a must-do thing in Da Nang. Whenever you go through Hai Van Pass, you will have to experience both two feelings: amazement at passing through the clouds and fear when seeing the dangerous bends of the roads. After climbing through some hair-pin curves, you can reach the summit of the Hai Van Pass, where you can see spectacular views to both the North and the South. In sunny days, the pass is a great place for watching dazzling panoramic views over Da Nang, Cat Tien Sa Port, Son Tra Peninsula, Cham Island and picturesque endless white-sand beaches.

5. Try street food

In addition to amazing natural beauty, Da Nang is also famous for unique and diverse cuisine. Specially, street food is one of the highlights of Da Nang cuisine. Enjoying street food is an interesting thing to do in Da Nang to give you an insight into the rhythm of life as well as special gastronomy of local people in Da Nang.

Popular street foods in Da Nang include Quang noodle (Mi Quang), rice paper rolling with pork (Banh trang cuon thit heo), fish cake noodle (Bun cha ca), noodle salad with pork and anchovy fish sauce (Bun mam), Vietnam thick noodle soup (Banh canh), sizzling cake (Banh xeo), spicy snail (Oc hut) and so much more. All of them are attractive thanks to both their eye-catching appearance and their delicious and charming flavor.


All street foods in Da Nang are attractive thanks to their charming appearance and delicious flavor

Being favored by the nature, Da Nang has not only stunning scenery but also delicious fresh foods and fascinating culture. Traveling Da Nang with 5 experiences above will give you a great chance to fully explore this charming and beautiful city.


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