5 special dishes in Ha Giang

Ha Giang is well-known for its pristine beauty. In addition to untouched and wild natural beauty, Ha Giang is also the heaven of special dishes. All these dishes make identity of ethnic groups living in this mountainous region.

1. Banh cuon trung (rice rolls with eggs)

Banh cuon trung is one of the most popular breakfasts in Ha Giang. In a cold morning in the stone land of Ha Giang, enjoying a hot plate of banh cuon trung will be a good choice to start your new day. Banh cuon trung is served with a hot bowl of soup cooked from bone, sweet and tasty. When the soup is ready, you just dip one piece of banh cuon into the bowl of soup and enjoy the strange and tasty flavor of the dish from the remote land.


Banh cuon trung, the most popular breakfast in Ha Giang

2. Chao Au Tau (Au Tau porridge)

While Banh cuon trung is a popular breakfast in Ha Giang, Chao Au Tau is a wonderful dish in a cold winter night in this land. After a long travelling day in Ha Giang, at night, you should wander around the town, take a seat at the corner of a restaurant and enjoy a bowl of Chao Au Tau. There is a full of tastes in a small bowl of porridge: fragrant glutinous rice mixed with aromatic rice cultivated on upland well cooked, the buttery flavor of a bulb of Au well cooked with pig trotters soup, odor herbs, spice leaves.


Chao Au Tau is a special dish in Ha Giang

It is not simple to cook a bowl of Chao Au Tau. After being washed in the water, Au Tau continues to be stewed during 4 hours. Sticky rice is mixed with some rice, then soaked into stewed water of pig’s trotters and “au tau”, add a little chopped lean meat and another extra spice. Chao Au Tau is not only a dish but also a medicine for cold. In a cold evening in the mountainous area, sitting in a warm space and enjoying Chao Au Tau is an exciting experience for tourists who want to explore new things.

3. Thang Co

Thang Co is a popular dish of H’mong ethnic in Ha Giang, which can be easily found in Dong Van market. H’mong men to Dong Van market all want to enjoy a bowl of Thang Co soup along with some cups of corn wine with their friends. Main ingredients of this dish are viscera and belly of a horse. In addition, the locals also add salt, hat dổi (a special spice in the northwest of Vietnam), cinnamon and lemon leaves to make Thang Co more delicious.


Thang Co can be found easily in Dong Van market

Enjoying the aroma of cardamom, nuts and lemongrass, mingled with the fat of the meat in a bowl of Thang Co soup along with some cups of corn wine can make the air warm in the cold weather of winter.

4. Five – color sticky rice

Five-color sticky rice is made with 5 different colors like red, green, white, purple and yellow, which symbolize for 5 basic elements of Ngu Hanh in Vietnam: Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Star. Different colors of this kind of sticky rice are made from 5 types of leaves: red color from red magenta leaf, green from ginger leaf, yellow from water of crushed turmeric or “dành dành” fruit, purple from black magenta leaf and white color is just the color of sticky rice.


Five-color sticky rice is a special dish of Tay ethnic in Ha Giang

With its eye-catching appearance and different taste and scent, the five-color sticky rice is a special food which makes identity for Tay ethnic in Ha Giang. It was said that eating five-color sticky rice in New Year will bring lucky and bless.

5. Com Lam (Bamboo-tube sticky rice)

Com Lam is made from sticky rice which is put into a bamboo tube and blocked with banana leaves. The locals use young bamboo, cut into small tube with one end open and the other one blocked. Sticky rice is washed carefully, add a little salt, mix well and put into the tube and pour water approximately above the rice. The open end is covered with dried banana leaves and then grill on fire, spin the tube around slowly to make the rice heat up evenly. After one hour or less, the fragrance of sticky rice spread out and then Com Lam is ready.

com-lam-bac-me 2

Com Lam is grilled on fire

All special dishes in Ha Giang are made from many natural materials available in nature that have become exotic, interesting and impressive for many tourists. Visiting Ha Giang, you not only see immerse natural scene of majestic mountains but also enjoy the unique cuisine.

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